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Looking for new curtains? But not sure on which fabric is best to suit your home? Do not worry, we have got you sorted! You can choose from our different types of fabrics there is for curtains. We will guide you through on how you can pair them with other types of fabrics at your home and ensure that you know exactly what to go for.


The right rug can transform a room’s look and feel, but with so many materials, patterns, sizes and styles available, it’s not always a straightforward choice. The obvious starting point is location: you’ll want and need very different things from living room rugs and a bedroom rug.


An established range of high quality carpets and rugs, which includes a custom-made rug service. Any size can be made and the finish on each rug will have a coordinating colour suede effect tape, reflecting the care we take to ensure all our products are made to the highest standard.