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Sofa Seaters

We’re proud to offer our bespoke sofa service which means you can have your very own, one–of–a–kind, tailor made sofas, unique sofa, suite or chair made specifically for you, designed by you and crafted by us taking pride of place in your living space.

Sofa Sectional

Perhaps, you need an exact colour? Maybe you need strict size specifications in order to fit in your home or maybe you simply want more control over exactly what you’re buying? After all, a new sofa is a huge commitment and it’s something that you’ll want to enjoy for years to come.


Need a wider chair to rest your weary legs? We’ve got you - customise the Overall width, Seat height, Seat depth, Back height, Design and details, Accessories, Fabric options, longer legs, leather or leatherette. How about a range of decorative cushions to make it that extra bit comfy? Absolutely! We are the people to consult when you choose your next set of chairs for your living room. After all, thousands of happy customers, numerous projects and decade long experience can come handy for making your home a beautiful place.


Tailor-made furniture is our speciality and we cherish that USP in our heart. When it comes to a recliner, it is truly a ‘Personalised – Furniture – Piece’, your very own. We customise your recliner and ensure that you feel your recliner because it is really meant for you. Together with your inspiration and our expertise we can produce excellent pieces of recliners in any style, dimension or finish. Not just a comfy and cosy recliners but also everything that is required to make it truly luxurious experience loaded with specialised accessories like cup holder, USB Charger, Chiller and other unmatched upgrading options and your choice of fabric or leather material, arm style, finish and more.

Centre Table and Side Table

We love helping you express your identity with our tailor-made solutions. Our design at POSHIUM will include the size, configuration, with multiple finish and material options like wood, glass, veneer, metal, stainless steel, PVD Coat and many more. It’s all about guiding you create a truly personal living room that matches your style, budget and the way you live. Our process of creating a centre table or a side table for living room begins with keeping your satisfaction in mind and ends with exceeding your expectations.

Bar Stool

Live a life as individual as you are and host your guests for a relaxation time. Your life isn’t off the shelf, so why should your home be. That’s why you can change the size, colours and materials of nearly every design. And we’re here to help you style your Bar Unit and Bar Stools at your home. We always tailor the process to your demands and wishes.


Consoles in home brings a fresh perspective and a perfection to the narrow spaces like entryways and hallways. Consoles are extremely versatile items of furniture that can be placed almost anywhere in the house to instantly add some focal interest. In recent times console table have become a timeless addition in a luxury home that can serve a multitude of purposes and even be placed throughout different rooms of the house should you become bored with its initial or original placement. They can act as bars, vanities, or desks. You can also place one against the back of a sofa and top it with lighting or other decorative piece. So, get creative with your interior decorations with the design assistance from POSHIUM.