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Beds / Cots

If you’re tired of having to choose between industry standard Beds that don’t fit you or your lifestyle, it’s time to step up your game and find luxury that only few people experience. Our collection of beds at POSHIUM aren’t just large, they’re also comfortable and custom made. Whether you are looking for a bed in Wood, Veneer or Leather or whether you are looking for a Traditional Bed or a Trundle Bed with storage or a Modern Bed with pull out drawers or Bunk Bed for your kids, we have it or we can make it to suit your personal tastes, lifestyle and your space.


Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, so why not add a designer headboard that can coordinate with your bedroom furniture and the interior décor of your home. Luxury upholstered headboards from POSHIUM are fully customised, premium and carries unique design elements that allows you to create beautiful, bespoke pieces to fit your interior perfectly. Choose a headboard to match your personal style, whether it is upholstered, wooden or even carved for a more traditional look or made using leather or leatherette, you name it and we can make it.

Bed Bench

Take off your shoes and offer your feet some well-deserved rest. Bed Bench are usually not in the first line when considering to design your space in your bedroom, but a large part of our luxury clientele look at these convenient furniture pieces as not just as another essential function to provide seating. Bed Bench can be multipurpose furniture as well and double up as a hidden storage units in your bedroom without making it look cluttered. You can place them at the end of your bed to hold extra linens. Or, create a comfortable place to or simply make them as toy boxes in children's bedrooms.


During our lifetimes we spend roughly a third of our time in bed. What price would you put on a good night’s sleep? On an average we spend a third of our lives in bed, so finding the right one is important. Perhaps mattresses are one of the most personal items to shop for and it can take many restless nights or years of testing. We at POSHIUM have some of the most luxurious mattresses available, made with high quality best in its class materials. Our collection offers mattresses with multiple choices of thickness. Superior construction made with Latex, memory foam and pocket springs provides proven comfort levels to select from. Available in various sizes and are customisable to requirements and to guarantee sweet dreams without counting sheep.

Pillows & Accessories

Its about time to take stock of how you sleep and what you sleep on. A flattened ordinary pillow worn out from the usage could put a strain on your neck. Our range of luxury pillows are definitely an investment and play an important role in the overall quality of sleep experience. They are durable, retains its shape and has a longer than average lifespan. Luxury pillows are often made with high-quality and breathable materials to offer long-lasting support, comfort and helps our customers get a perfect nap.