Our Journey

We are a decade young, design and decor organization based out of Bangalore. Unlike many home furnishing brands, we didn’t inherit a legacy, instead we created one. Many brands have a prior connection to the Furniture Industry and that is how they enter the market, but we at POSHIUM embraced this journey of passion. We jumped at the already crowded market because we thought and still think that there is a gap between customer's need for bespoke, customised and made-to-measure Luxury Seating Solution and what is being offered.

The founders and promoters of POSHIUM come from the Corporate background and have been globe-trotting on business travel, that is when the market need got discovered and that combined with the zeal for Luxury Life style Products, Home Decor & Interiors, and Home Furnishing created the brand called POSHIUM.

In the last 10 years, we not only survived many challenges and moments of truth, but we have in fact flourished and have had an awesome journey of satisfaction along with our respected, loved and ever-growing customer base. For the first five years, POSHIUM focused primarily on the seating space design and manufactured various solutions including sofas and contemporary spaces and many more, In an attempt to convert houses into luxury spaces.

Looking at our personalised service, consultative approach and the quality delivered, customers bestowed the trust on us to provide them with the same level of luxury even in other areas of their home and that’s how our expansion into luxury furnitures work began. 90 % of our business, whether it is for Luxury Customised Furniture needs, or for Home Decor or whether someone is looking for luxury furnitures & Creativity, we get the order from a referral and word-of-mouth and we are thrilled to be in this situation because it speaks for our work, creativity, design aspects, customer satisfaction and the quality. After having delivered a multitude of projects, POSHIUM is now headed for a major expansion across the region to be closer to our customers.